The 9 BEST Education Space Toys for your Budding Astronauts!

What are you supposed to get a kid who loves space?

Whether you’ve got a budding astronaut on your hands - or you don’t know where to begin with teaching them about space - The STEM Club can help.

Space, The Universe and the world around us - is a huge topic! Developing an appreciation of those around us is very important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Allow me to talk you through our Educational Space Toys for Kids, suitable for a whole range of ages, toddlers up to 16 year olds. 

After reading this, you’ll know exactly what you get for your budding astrophiles. 

How to START teaching kids about Space

Space can be a pretty big concept for little ones, there aren’t too many toddlers I’ve met who’ve fully understood my demonstration of the Earth rotating around the Sun as to why nighttime happens… 

but hey, it’s always worth a try! 

Some kids may not grasp ‘’The Universe’’ until later in childhood. 

At ages 0-3, Space is just about making sure that your child knows that they are part of a much bigger world around them. Starting to identify the moon, stars and rocketships is great place to start! 

Two of the books we recommend for this at The Stem Club are ‘Look Up’ by Nathan Byron and ‘Space Race’ by Malorie Blackman.

Our Story Book Projector is awesome for taking bedtime stories a little further! It even comes with a starry night sky filter. But we promised you a list of toys didn’t we, here we go!



  1. The Shining Stars Projector
  2. The Talking Telescope
  3. Colour In Pillowcase
  4. Cosmic Rocket Launcher Kit
  5. Mould and Paint Spacemen
  6. Postcards From Space
  7. Motorised Solar Display System
  8. Mesmerising Jupiter Display
  9. Bill Nye's Virtual Reality Space Kit


The Shining Stars Projector

If they do develop an interest in outer space, the Shining Stars Projector is a cool addition to a child’s bedroom. It creates a weirdly realistic starry night’s sky on their bedroom wall or ceiling.

This will take learning further by seeing stars come together to create constellations.They might even start recognising common constellations like Leo The Lion and The Big Bear - Imagine the impressed teachers!

Shining Stars Projector Image with Disc

The Talking Telescope

Eventually, they’ll start to wonder how they can see these constellations in real life. 

Go Big with the Talking Telescope. This one makes an excellent birthday gift! With the ability to display 24 fascinating images of space, this will keep them going for hours! 

Talking Telescope Product Image

A Colour In, Space Explorer Pillowcase

Complete your budding astronaut's bedroom with this Machine Washable, Colour-In pillowcase. With 10 wash out colours included and two sides to complete, who knew your pillowcase could offer his endless fun! 

Space Explorer Pillowcase

BONUS: A Sweet Space Activity: Create Your Own Rocketship! 

It couldn’t be easier this one, and might be something to try to keep kids off the screens for a little while! 

Keep your old toilet roll tubes, and along with your paints and craft paper you can make your own rocket ships. This guide from Sainsbury’s has all the details, but you need:  

  • An Empty 2L pop bottle
  • Cardboard and an old toilet roll tube
  • Scissors and Tape
  • Glue
  • And Decorations!

Show us what you can do!...

Cosmic Rocket Launcher Kit

Or if you don’t want to create your own, we have the perfect solution.

This Cosmic Rocket Kit by Kidzlabs contains everything you need to build your own cosmic rocket. 

Then there’s a fun science experiment with Vinegar and Baking Soda which creates a reaction to launch the rocket up to 50 feet! How high can you get yours?

Cosmic Rocket Launcher Kit Product Image

Mould and Paint Space Figures Kit (Glow in the Dark!)

The Mould and Paint Kit is a perfect crossover for the young space explorers who also have an artist side. It’s a simple powder and water mixture, so it’s easy to make and a great activity to do with friends. 

They’ll even have their own fridge magnet or badge to take home. 

Mould and Paint from Space Kit

Postcards from Space

As kids start to get a little older, they’ll get more and more curious. 

These Postcards from Space are a great way to continue to discover space. There’s 12 collectable cards with stunning A5 pictures from NASA! 

As with all things STEM Club, there’s plenty of activities detailed in the Postcards from Space for you to do at home or school! 

Postcards From Space Product Image - Space Toys

A Motorised Display Solar System

This motorised solar system gives kids their very own planetarium! Watch as the planets rotate around the light up Sun in the same way they do in real life. 

Space Toys Product Image - Motorised Solar System

Mesmerising Jupiter Pendulum Display

Or nerd out with Mini Jupiter Kinetic

This pendulum of Jupiter and it’s four largest moons rocking back and forth is exactly the kind of thing your favourite Physics Teacher would love to have on his desk! 

One for the end of year gifts!

Jupiter Kinetic Pendulum Product Image

Bill Nye’s Virtual Reality Space Labs

Everyone of a certain age knows Bill Nye the Science Guy! Tell me you don't remember this theme song!

Well - Bill has brought out some awesome toys and when we got this virtual reality kit - it sold out super quick. With VR Goggles, 128 VR Experiences, a 96 page interactive booklet and 15 follow along experiments to do this really is a learning experience like no other!

Bill Nye VR Space Lab - Product Image

These a whole UNIVERSE out there to discover and a whole WORLD of SPACE Toys to explore. Unleash your little astronauts with this list, or head over to our Space Toy Collection to continue browsing.  

And if space isn’t their thing, well - there’s plenty more to discover at the STEM Club. The best way to stay up to date with us is our Email List, sign up and you get 10% off your first order with us.