The STEM Club's Carbon Pledge

Climate Change is serious

The STEM Club at heart, are futurists - after all, we sell educational toys that are designed to help give our children the very best start in life. 

But what’s the point if there isn’t a world to give to them? 

The effects of climate change are wide ranging, and probably beyond what we can imagine right now. What we do know is that extended droughts will harm food production. Flooding can lead to diseases being spread, ecosystems being damaged and homes being destroyed. 

The World Health Organisation says that climate change is expected to cause an additional quarter million deaths each year, between 2030 and 2050. 

Doing Our Bit at The STEM Club

No one is perfect when it comes to climate change. 

There is still a very long way to go, we are constantly looking at ways we can do better when it comes to Climate Change.

We’re constantly looking into new suppliers, delivery systems and products that can help to reduce our Carbon Footprint as a dedicated Ecommerce Business. 

But what have we done so far?


Partnering with EcoCart

We’ve recently partnered with Ecommerce platform EcoCart, adding carbon offsetting to every single order placed through the STEM Club. 

That now means, when you order with us, you’re also doing your bit for the environment!

Since partnering with EcoCart, we've managed to save 9879 lbs of CO2, meaning we helped to saved 12,322 trees. What a result! 


Recycled Boxes and Packaging

The STEM Club uses recycled packaging with every order! 

Why throw out perfectly good boxes? You’d be shocked if you saw our warehouse and the amount of boxes that we go through - and we’re a little business, imagine some of the big online companies, with their huge warehouses and hundreds of staff!  

Using a brand new box on every order would be hugely wasteful. That means the box your order from us comes in might have been used in a previous purchase or shipment.

Don’t worry though, each one is checked carefully by our dedicated staff prior to sending, we won’t send anything if we believe it's at risk of being damaged. 

More Sustainable Suppliers

Martin, our founder, is always on the lookout for new suppliers. And when he’s sourcing for new STEM products that will help with education; Also right at the top of the agenda is the businesses, sustainability policy. 

We’re looking to get locally manufactured goods that use recyclable materials and toys that will be durable so they can be passed down. 

Toys That Last!

We always want to stock toys that last. While toys aren’t necessarily single use plastics, like straws and shopping bags, they might as well be if they only get used once! 

We’ll always help you find new life with old toys and bring in fun and imaginative ways to keep your children engaged for longer. 

Some of our favourite STEM Club toys about Climate change are the Climate Change Experiments kit from Wild Science, or this Growing Gardener's Greenhouse which uses bamboo and is made from plant plastic. 

What Else Can We Do? 

Tell us your ideas!

This is where we need you, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve. 

An idea we had was would you be interested in a buy back and re-sell section on our website. We could buy toys back from you and resell them so that we keep toys from being wasteful.

Or even if we set up a Facebook Group swap shop - we can cancel the transactional piece all together and you can send your toys to someone who needs them when you believe your kids are well and truly done with them. 

At The STEM Club, we're optimistic about the world we can create, but when you look at climate science, it paints a bleak picture.

We need to act today, so our children can enjoy tomorrow. That starts with everyone doing the best they can, please join us.