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Design, Write, Customise, Construct, Decorate and Create with the incredible - WAXIDOODLES.

WaxiDoodles are modelling sticks coated with a wax formula so that they stick to almost any surface (without leaving permanent marks behind) and to each other, with just fingertip pressure, making them great for 3D activities and model building.

A hugely creative activity that can help children understand and feel letter and shape formation. No mess, no stress, just fun! 

Brilliant as a learning tool, the colours don't blend and they can be used again and again!

What's In The Box?

  • 150 Waxidoodles
  • 12 different colours
  • Durable Activity Board 
  • Activity Booklet with lots of doodle ideas and instructions!

Not suitable for kids under 3.

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