Discovery Telescope & Microscope Combo Set with Case

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The Discovery Telescope/Microscope Set is ideal for junior scientists looking to explore everything from the soil to the stars. The 40 mm telescope is a great starter instrument for both daytime nature watching and nighttime moon gazing. With this easy-to-use refractor, you can visit the chiseled lunar surface or tour some of the night sky's brightest objects. Its two interchangeable eyepieces allow you to experiment with different magnifications and fields of view.

When you want to take your investigations to the cellular level, the 900x Microscope is ready to reveal the hidden details of the world around you. Everyday things like sand, onion skin, hair and pollen will show their extraordinary sides when viewed at magnifications ranging from 100x to 900x. To jumpstart your observations, the set comes with prepared specimens, collection tools and an experiment guide.

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