Growing Gardeners Greenhouse

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Growing Gardeners Greenhouse

Calling all gardeners in training! This incredible greenhouse playset and growing kit is a fantastic way to start learning about nature and nurture your own plants. 

Your child can use this playset to find out first-hand how much fun nature and growing things can be. Use the included bamboo mold to create little degradable paper vases for whatever seeds you want to grow then care for them until they're ready to be planted outside. The transparent cover will help keep your seeds warm and allow light to reach them. Your child will learn by trial and error about how light, water, and heat make things grow while watching the plant lifecycle. Watch them foster a love of nature and a sense of responsibility in the process. This kids’ toy set is perfect for ages four and up.

This mini greenhouse set is entirely green. It’s made from sustainable bamboo and bioplastics, and all materials needed naturally degrade quickly. Hape always endeavors to leave a better world behind for future generations. This kids’ toy set is perfect for ages four and up.

  • MINI GREENHOUSE: Calling all gardeners in training! Cultivate a love for gardening and nature in your child. They can create paper vases and grow their very own plants for the first time using this mini greenhouse growing kit
  • PLAY & GROW: Use the bamboo mold to create degradable paper vases for your seeds. The transparent cover will keep the seeds warm and allow light to reach them. Cultivate your seedlings in the greenhouse until they can be planted outside, pot and all
  • ALL GROWN UP: This green toy teaches valuable lessons to young children about nature and plants' lifecycles. They will observe how plants grow and learn about the basics of growing plants from seed by trial and error
  • DEVELOP RESPONSIBILITY: The Hape Growing Gardeners Greenhouse toy set is fun and instills responsibility in your little one. Give them a sense of accomplishment for growing and caring for their plants to develop a lifelong love of nature
  • FULLY GREEN: The plant-plastic used in this set is derived from sugarcane. Hape always endeavours to leave a better world behind for future generations. Suitable for four years and up

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