Pikler Triangle with Slide and Wooden Balance Board Combo

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Our Foldable Climbing Triangle is our most popular climbing product, used by children everywhere. Inspired by child development pioneer Emmi Pikler, the Climbing Triangle is one of the most versatile products in our inventory. Not only is is a lot of fun, it promotes gross motor skills as your child masters spatial reasoning, balance and a wide range of gross and fine motor skills, appropriate to their quickly evolving skills. The Climbing Triangle encourages a sense of body in space, encourages free movement and imagination.

Although the Climbing Triangle may look like a simple climbing frame, it is a lot more than that. Older infants can use it pull themselves up as they prepare to take their first steps. Toddlers can use it to navigate climbing up and over and use it to build forts or other imaginative play. The ramp/slide can be used as a toy boat, truck, car and toy ramp or slide. The possibilities are endless!

-Easy to store and transport
-Ages: Infant to age five
-Made from a 100% birch, urea formaldehyde-free ply and poplar hardwood
-Finished with a clear water-based non-toxic sealer

Assembly level is moderate and will take 30-60 minutes. Tool and instructions provided.


Frame: 71cm x 50cm x 61cm

Ladder: 80 x 25 x 2cm

Dimensions are Length x Width x Height

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