Bill Nye's VR Space Lab: The Virtual Reality Kids Science Kit

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Put on your spacesuit to take a spin around Saturn's rings, land on the moon and explore Mars' Volcanoes with this incredible Virtual Reality Space Lab.
With the Virtual Reality Goggles, 128 VR experiences and the 96 page accompanying interactive booklet, you can literally explore the depths of space and time for a STEM learning experience like no other. 

Everyone knows Bill Nye The Science Guy, right? He might have been the first to make learning fun! Which means The Stem Club are proud to offer this as part of our Space Toys Collection.

This is the Ultimate Immersive Learning Experience! Layered learning ensures better knowledge retention by using different various channels and mediums - there are 15 physical crafts and activities to accompany the VR and AR experience.

What's In The Box? 
This ultimate 85-piece set includes: 
  • Virtual Reality Googles with 128 unique experiences to explore
  • 96 page interactive accompanying book
  • Science materials like a beaker, funnel, dropper and more
  • A solar panel and motor
  • Volcano mould and plaster
  • Sundial, Marsdial and constellations templates
  • Crystal Mountain Base and Crystal Solution
  • Spoons, Paper Straws, Earth Clay
And way more!

The VR Goggles

    The immersive learning experience is unlocked with the app, available on Google Play and Apple iOS app stores.  The Googles work with all sizes of smart phone including 'max', 'plus' and 'XL' models. 

    Buy now while stocks last! The Stem Club offers Free Delivery on this item, along with Carbon Offsetting and a 28-day return policy. 

    Sadly not suitable for children under 3 due to choking hazards. Some common household items may be required to complete some of the activities. To be used with adult supervision. Keep the packaging as that contains lots of useful information including safety precautions.

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