Medical Science Kit

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Medical Science Kit – because your body is fascinating, full of chemicals and there is science to explore!

This kit is all about you, and the other creatures in your house that you can experiment on! There are over 40 different experiments included; create colour-changing reactions in a test tube digestive system and see enzyme reactions in action, make a blood typing simulation, disgusting fake snot, and DNA and protein extractions. Investigate the unique properties of water that make it essential for life, make realistic anatomical models, and experiment with muscles, bones, and sensory perception.

We love the range of activities here – some involve making something to see how it works, others are self diagnostics and all are backed up with an excellent science book that shows you what to do and explains the results that you are getting, showing how all the systems of the body work together to make you work. It takes an everyday subject into the world of science and discovery and puts the body to the test to see just what it can do.

A very impressive box full of science.

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