Nancy B’s Science Club® Microbes Lab

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Turn “eww” into “aha!” by encouraging study and understanding of (harmless) tiny colonies of bacteria and fungi. Is there really a science to the “five-second rule”? What kind of bacteria live on your toothbrush? What about your teeth? Watch bacteria grow, count the bacteria colonies, and learn about different types of germs and how they impact you and the food you eat! Includes a 22-page journal chock-full of hands-on activities and interesting facts about these abundant micro-organisms. Helps stimulate an interest in microbiology and biology, and it’s fantastic for science fair projects!

• Includes 4 Petri dishes, 250 ml standing round-bottomed flask with volume markings, stopper with hole, bacteria spreader, waterproof colony counter grid, loupe with 8x magnification, tweezers, funnel, pipette, gloves, and nutrient agar packet
• 22-Page activity journal
• Supports STEM: Collect, grow, and observe microbes; gather and interpret data
• Ages 8–12

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