Pepper Mint Collection

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Pepper Mint is an award-winning STEM kit, which combines story-telling with science to provide an immersive learning experience

With the award-winning Pepper Mint series, your models can be used long after the fun of experimenting alongside this curious young engineer is complete.

These models become the setting for infinite adventures and storylines–limited only by your imagination! Combine models from other Pepper Mint kits to embark on a truly extensive, fun (and educational!) playtime adventure

Our Pepper Mint Collection includes 3 of Pepper Mint's exciting adventures, through her story-based STEM Kits: 

  • The Great Treehouse Engineering Adventure
  • Magnificent Mars Expedition
  • Daring Escape from Hidden Island 

Read the stories, build the models and conduct the experiments. These will provide hours of fun for your young scientist!

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