Pocket Money Bingo

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Learning Resources Pocket Money Bingo. Children can get hands-on with money skills with this award winning bingo game from Learning Resources. Youngsters will practise identifying and adding together HM Treasury approved realistic plastic coins with this familiar bingo style game play. Common pocket money items such as toy cars and sweets help children understand the value of money. Players simply put the spinner and coins in the middle of the table and spin the spinner. Players reinforce their addition skills as they add together the coin values shown in the inner and outer section of the spinner before checking to see if any of the objects on their game card are for sale for that exact value. If so, “BINGO”, they take the coins and cover that space on their card. The first player to cover three spaces in a row wins! For 2-4 players. Game boards measure 20cm H. Suitable for ages 5+

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